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Bangkok Budget
February 26-March 4, 2000

    Expenses listed below are for Kristina only, except where noted. Details of expense categories are noted below the table.

China Air Package (for one) $687.00
Food and drink (cash) $13.07
Dinner @ Thangying (on visa) for two $15.76
Transportation (river ferry, metro) $2.58
Thai Airport tax on departure (for two) $26.66
Souvenirs $55.70
Sightseeing $18.13
Massage $10.66
Miscellaneous $6.80

TOTAL $836.36
China Air package was available for two people only. My portion ($687) included RT Airfare LAX to BKK, 6 nights hotel (we added 1 extra night on the package), airport transfers, daily breakfast, 1/2 day sightseeing tour (which we did not do),  and US taxes.

Food and Drink includes food purchased on the street and small restaurants, and water and drinks purchased while out and about.

Dinner @ Thangying- this was our last night's dinner at a nice restaurant owed by a Thai movie star. I paid for it with a credit card. Note that while it was for two people, it totaled more than all my food expenses for the entire week.

Transportation- We took the river ferry most of the week, one Tuk Tuk and the BTS metro a couple of times. We walked a lot. We did not take any taxis or busses.

Thai Airport Tax- On departure at the international terminal, everyone pays 500 Baht.

Souvenirs- This included clothing, a pear shaped box made out of coconut shell, genuine imitation Gucci Sunglasses, and Bronze Buddha Head.

Sightseeing- This included admission to sights in Bangkok and Ayuthaya and my portion of what we gave Boy at the end of our day in Ayuthaya.

Massage- Two, hour long massages, at Wat Po Traditional massage School.


After the first night, we upgraded to a Deluxe room for an extra $26 a night for the remaining 5 nights. We had one room service, one drink in the lobby, and various phone calls from the room. This was all added on the hotel bill which my mother generously paid. Other than that, we each spent about the same amount of cash during the trip.



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