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http://perpetualtravel.com/rtw/-This is the Grandaddy of RTW sites and where I went when I first started reading travelogues online (back in the stone age of the www, 1995).
It continues to have great info along with a huge links page to RTW travelogues.

http://www.vagabonding.com-Mike Pugh has one of the best designed travelogue websites I've seen in a long time. This is the type of site I wish ours could be (if I had the design skills). He has video clips with music (make sure you check out the nepal trek, it's great), journals and great photos. I only wish his journals were a bit longer.

http://www.blueprint21.de A great website by a lovely German writer and fellow Thorntree writer. Part poetry, part visual art, part travelogue; it's dreamlike and enchanting.

         Travel Library-a great all purpose travel site. Lists info sites and travelogues.