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1. Who will be the first to say, "I can't believe you convinced me to do this!"?
    Kristina, in Fiji, while trying not to drown during SCUBA certification.

2. Where will we have our first argument?
     Again, in Fiji, while trying not to drown during SCUBA certification.

3. Who will get sick first and what exotic parasite will it be?
    Kristina, with a case of  "Bali Belly" in Ubud. David succumbed in Chaing Mai, Thailand, and Kristina again in Pokhara, Nepal. We also experienced various colds and a small case of pnuemonia.

4. Will we get robbed/pickpocketed?
    Yes, other than being blatently overcharged for tickets in Thailand, we think we had money stolen from one of our bags in New Zealand.

5. Who will be the first to say, "Get me out of this God-forsaken Country" and which country will it be? Both of us. And the award goes to..... Tangiers, Morocco!

6. Is it all media hype or is the world really going to hell?
    Month # 5 The world really is going to hell, but it is also media hype. Watch CNN.
    Month #7 The world is most absolutely going to hell in a handbasket.  Which brings up another off color question:  why a handbasket?  Why not the trunk of a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado? or the sidecar of a Harley Davidson?  Or strapped to the back of a rabid gorilla in a mineshaft? It seems to me, and maybe I'm wrong,  that in these days of Lucasfilm and Dreamworks, there are much more dynamic ways to go to hell available to us.  What kind of ratings is 'the handbasket ride to the everlasting inferno' going to get anyway, especially when its up against CNN? 

7. Does the water in the toilet bowl really spin the other way in the Southern Hemisphere?

8. Who will go the longest number of consecutive days without bathing and why?
    Kristina, in Nepal, number of days unremembered. Why? Too cold to shower, too cold to breathe, too cold to remember.

9. How long will it be before we want to burn the clothes we have been wearing for months?
    Not long, we first purchased new clothes in New Zealand and the proceeded to buy and send home things all along the way.

10. What will be the longest time spent in transit between locations?
    Bangkok, Thailand and London, England. Total transit time between hotels, 22 hours.

11. Who will say, "I don't care what it costs, just get me to a hotel with a real toilet!"?

12. Who will say,  "This is paradise, sell the cars and everything in storage, we're not leaving this island ( or Tuscan farmhouse or African safari)?"

13. Is the Village People's "YMCA" really the most recognized international dance song of all time?
    Well, yes and no. We haven't been to any discos to hear dance music, but the most common music we've heard all over the world has been, believe it or not,  Tracy Chapman and the Bee Gees.

14. Can we make it over the four month hump of travel burnout without wanting to chuck it all and run home?
    Month # 5 Not sure yet about this one, we're homesick and tempted...
    Month # 7 We made it! But a small amount of homesickness never goes away.

15. Is it true that almost every country/culture in the world has some sort of local version of chicken soup?
    So far yes, just watch out for the MSG.

16. Who will say, "Get me the hell off this camel/elephant/bus from hell!"

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