April 26, 1998: The Big Computer Debate (or, Sometimes Size Really Does Matter)

    Well, time is starting to run short. David and I realized today that from the time we stop working to the time we leave, we only have 60 days. That might sound like a lot of time but considering all we have to do (including time to visit all our family and friends) it's not much.

    We are still debating what type of computer to bring with us on our trip. A traditional laptop is out of the question as it is too expensive and way too heavy.
    Our first choice was going to be a palmtop computer like the HP 360. They are very, very portable and affordable. And they do just keep getting better and better in terms of their technology, but they have a couple of glaring flaws. The first and most important, is they operating system, Windows CE. Many people have had problems with compatibility with this system. They also have an extremely small keyboard which David would have a hard time using.
    Our alternate choice is the Toshiba Libretto. The pros of the Libretto are that it comes standard with Windows 95, it has a color screen, a slightly larger keyboard,  and that it has an external floppy disc drive. All this in a package about the size of a video cassette and weighs in at about 2 lbs. The cons? Well, price, the base model (50ct) starts at about $999, and has a 75mhz processor, but less than 1 GB hard drive. They have better models, but the next price starts at $1699 out of our budget. Also, portability is a con. Even though it weighs so little, you still can't put it in a pocket. Which means that one of us would have to carry it with us at all times (to keep it safe). Do I want to be carrying a computer, no matter how small while exploring Angor Wat? I don't know....

    We sent off our passports for renewal a few weeks ago. I was surprised that the cost for renewal has actually gone down to $40! Imagine that! A government agency actually lowering their fees!


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