Everything is wrinkle-resistant and color coordinated. Most items fold or roll very small. I know that it looks like a lot of clothes, but they actually take up very little space. Since we will be travelling back and forth between cold and warm climates, we need to be prepared. Note that many items were sent home along the way, and others purchased.

4 Pairs Pants
    1 lightweight "palazzo" black and white
    1 "slinky material" black (melted in a dryer in Sydney. oops!)
    1 pair tan cargo Ex Officio
    1 pair dark green dress Ex Officio
    1 pair crinkle cotton pants, black, purchased in Nepal, sent home from Paris
    2 pairs jeans purchased in Paris

1 black and white long rayon skirt

1 black cotton and silk dress

1 multicolor crinkle cotton dress, purchased in Bali, sent home from Thailand

1 black pullover sweater
1 heavy wool sweater, purchased in Nepal, sent home from Taiwan
1 green wool cardigan purchased in London

2 Pairs Shorts
    1 dark green linen (sent home from Cairns)
    1 tan w/cargo pockets
    surf trunks purchased in Cairns, sent home from Taiwan
1 bathing suit

    2 t-shirts (1 green, one burgundy)-burgndy sent home from Taiwan
    2 tank tops (1 black, 1 white)
    1 black "slinky" t-shirt (sent home)
    1 black and white shirt  (sent home)
    1 black long sleeve linen shirt
    1 sleeveless black shirt purchased in Bali
    1 handmade cotton shirt, purchased in Nepal, sent home from Paris
    1 lightweight grey turtleneck, purchased in Nepal
    2 t-shirts, plain green and black, purchased in Hong Kong
    1 brown turtleneck, purchased in Leiden

1 pair white cotton PJ's (indespensable!!)

1 pair black leggings ( can be worn under skirts in cold weather or like long johns)

1 pair wool long johns purchased in Beijing

4 pairs socks (sent one lightweight pair home, bought more along the way)

5 pairs underwear (bought more along the way)

3 bras

    1 pair black leather sandals (broke last day in Thailand)
    1 pair loafers (sent home from Cairns)
    1 pair black leather boots
    1 pair "aqua socks" (sent home from Taiwan)
    1 pair black shoes purchased in Spain

1  black Microfiber rain coat with zip out liner

1 black wool wrap (can be used like a small blanket)

Baseball cap (usurped by David when he lost two of his!)

Warm Polar Fleece hat, purchased in Nepal

    1 black and white (sent home from Taiwan)
    1 brown (sent home from Taiwan)
    1 black and white short sarong (can be used as beach cover-up or a light wrap)
            (sent home from Taiwan)
    Purchased a large sarong in Bali
    Purchased a cashmere scarf in Nepal
Purchased 1 pair wind proof pants in Nepal for trekking, sent home from Taiwan

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