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    Everything is wrinkle-resistant and color coordinated. Most items fold or roll very small. I know that it looks like a lot of clothes, but they actually take up very little space. Since we will be travelling back and forth between cold and warm climates, we need to be prepared. Note that many items were sent home along the way and others purchased to replece them.

3 Pairs Pants
    1 pair tan cargo Ex Officio
    2 pair linen blend pants (sent one home from Cairns)
    1 pair lightweight cotton Thai pyjama pants, purchased in Bangkok

1 tan multi pocket "photographer's vest" (not worn until Hong Kong, not worn much after either)

1 wool  pullover sweater
1 heavy wool sweater, purchased in Nepal, sent home from Taiwan
1 heavy cotton shirt/jacket purchased in London

2 Pairs Shorts
    1  linen
    1 Ex Officio tan w/cargo pockets

1 bathing trunks
1 pair surf trunks purchased in Cairns

    2 t-shirts (1 white, one striped) white one sent home from Taiwan
    3 short sleeved button down shirts (one sent home from Paris)
    1 long sleeve button down shirt (sent home from Paris)
    1 tan long sleeve Ex Officio shirt
    Purchased 1 long sleeve woven shirt in Nepal
    1 lightweight grey turtleneck, purchased in Nepal
    1 dark green turtleneck purchased in Leiden
    1 t-shirt purchased in Hong Kong

1 pair thermax long johns bottoms

4 pairs socks (all of which fell apart after trekking in Nepal) purchased many more along the way

4 pairs underwear -purchased more along the way

    1 pair sandals
    1 pair Timberland gortex lined boots
    1 pair "aqua socks" (sent home from Taiwan)

1 Microfiber trenchcoat with zip out liner ( liner sent home from Taiwan)

1 lightweight waterproof windbreaker (sent home from Taiwan)

1 Columbia Goretex Jacket, purchased in Bangkok

Purchased a large sarong in Thailand

Purchased a cashmere scarf in Nepal

Purchased 1 pair wind proof pants in Nepal for trekking, sent home from Taiwan

Handknit wool hat, purchased in Nepal

Polarfleece sleep pants purchased in Nepal

Basque Beret purchased in San Sebastain, Spain




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