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Spain 2005
Madrid and Andalucia

Confessions of a Travel Tyrant-
Ten Days of Tapas, Wines, and Wandering in Southern Spain.

Introduction and Planning-

Day 1-Travel and Madrid

Day 2-Madrid-
Never send back the wine or,
the Customer is Always Wrong

Day 3-Sevilla-
"4 for Texas"

Day 4-Sevilla-
"It's a vacation, not a death march"

Day 5-Granada

Day 6-Ronda-
Stress: What road are we on?

Day 7-Puerta de Santa Maria via
Grazelema, Arcos de la Frontera, and Cadiz

Day 8 Cordoba

Days 9 & 10- Madrid and Home

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Last Updated December 4, 2005