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Message Boards for Thailand, Cambodia, and South East Asia

Lonely Planet Thorntree-South East Asia Branch- This is a very helpful web site. Please take the time to look through it and even do a search on your subject before you post. Too many people post the same vague questions over and over. Don't do the same!

Fodor's Asia Message Board- This one covers all of asia, not just the south east portion.

Thailand Travel Forum- Thailand specific.

Andy Brouwers Cambodia Forum- Cambodia specific, hosted by Andy Brouwer who has an unrivaled passion for all things Cambodian. He's been many times, check the link to his main site below.

General Cambodia Sites

Tales of Asia- This is done by American expat Gordon Sharpless, a photographer who spends half his time in Bangkok and the other in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The site focuses on mainly Cambodia, but also has information on other SEA countries as well. He has a monthly update of goings-on in Cambodia and travel stories. He also has the definitive information on overland travel to and from Cambodia as well as a wonderfully honest FAQ about life in Cambodia.

Andy Brouwers Cambodia Tales- Cambodia specific,  by Andy Brouwer who has an unrivaled passion for all things Cambodian. He's been many times, and has traveled into the far reaches of rural Cambodia.

Canby Publications- This is the website of free visitor guide magazines that are distributed in various cities in Cambodia. Lots of good information, though it might be a little out dated.

Puddletown.com- Lots and lots of photos of Cambodia and other parts of South East Asia

Koh Kong Canbodia Visitor's Guide- Koh Kong is the southern border town for Cambodia and Hat Lek Thailand. Good information here on how to do the trip to/from Sihanoukville by boat.

Cafe California Phnom Penh -This is a guest house on the river in Phnom Penh that looks pretty nice. For $15-$17 they offer Cable TV, Hot Water, Air-conditioning and Refrigerator and laundry service. We might stay here.

Angkor Wat Photo Album by Cheryl and Kathie- Lots of great photos from a week at Angkor Wat.

Cambodia Less Traveled- Written by Dinah Gardner and focuses on Pailin, Bokor Hill Station, and Ban Lung.

Cambodian Smiles- Photos and essays from a frequent Cambodia traveler

InCambodia.com- Written by a couple living and teaching computers to kids, teacher and the military in Cambodia. They have a daily diary and photos about life there.

General Thailand Sites

Travelers Guide to Bangkok's Don Muang Airport-Tons of information on Bangkok's international airport.

Thailand Today- Life on the Klongs (canals) of Bangkok-This is a link to a great canal trip we are going to try and do this time in Bangkok. I'm not sure if this site is still alive, but the information is interesting nonetheless.

Into Asia-Bangkok Canals- More on the canals of Bangkok

IntoAsia.com- Great city guide for Bangkok. Lots of great detailed information on sightseeing, shopping , dining, Thai Language, transportation, etc.

OnTrails.com- This is the Ko Chang journal page for the Lockley family's journal to Thailand, Nepal and India.

Bangkokmouth.com- Created by an British expat living in Bangkok. This is an absolutely enormous site that proposes to "tell the whole truth" about the Big Mango. A-Z about living, loving, working in Bangkok.

Koh-Chang.com- All about Thailand's Koh Chang

Listing of Koh Chang Bunglows

General South East Asia Sites

Passplanet.com-Great Backpacker's web site with tons and tons of information on just about every destination in SEA. Each destination has information and tips along with survey ratings by other travelers.

C.D.C. Malaria Information for Travelers to South East Asia

Venture Off The Beaten Track-Southeast Asia travel guide - Information, stories, tips and photos from Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Thingsasian.com-Stories, photos, trip advice for all of Asia

Eric & Laura's Dog, Scuba, & Travel Website

The Long Way Home- Travelogue by David Brown, Canadian English teacher on his way home from Japan via South East Asia.

General Travel

World Travel Center-Good travel insurance web site.

Peninsula Hotels Website

CircleOfAsia.com-This is the company we used to book our room at the Peninsula. Their rates were the lowest and included breakfast and taxes. The site also allowed us to chose a balcony room; other booking sites don't give you any choices-it's a standard room only. They were also recommended by many different people on the message boards. The only down side is that the room must be pre-paid (common with web booking sites) and they have pretty stiff cancellation rules (less than 7 days notice and you forfeit all), hence the travel insurance.

AsiaCyberHolidays.com-They had a good price on a room at the Peninsula if you are looking for a standard deluxe room. Includes breakfast and tax.




 last updated on September 2, 2002